Rakonheli CNC Upgrade Kit (Orange) - EMAX Babyhawk

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1. Description:
- Designed full aluminum main frame with large contact area to help the Motors and ESC cool when working and more durable. One more thing we design the carbon fiber main frame with anti-silicon pad to keep and protect the ESC, no problems on the FlightController/PDB board. 
- Compatible with electronics of EMAX Babyhawk 85mm and 87mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone. 
- Compatible with D-SHOT BULLET SERIES 12A ESC(BLHELI_S). 
- Material: Aluminum + Carbon Fiber Main Frame, TPU Camera Mount and Stainless Steel Screws. 
- Weight: 17.03(g) = 0.6(oz). 

2. Package Included: 
1 x Rakonheli CNC Upgrade Kit (assembled with hardwares).

3. Needed To Complete: 
1 x EMAX Babyhawk All-in-One Camera and VTX 25MW CMOS 
1 x EMAX Babyhawk Femto F3 FlightController/PDB board with built in 5v regulator 
2 x EMAX Babyhawk Molded PC Plastic Motor Guards 
4 x EMAX Babyhawk Bullet 6A BLHeli 2S Plug-In ESCs 
4 x EMAX Babyhawk 1104 5000kv Brushless Motor 
4 x EMAX Babyhawk 2.3" Propellers 
- 2S 300mah Lipo Battery 
- Need pwm, ppm, sbus ready Radio Receiver to make it fly!

4. Discuss: 

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