Rakonheli 1S, 2S AL Carbon 66mm Brushless Whoop Kit (for 0603, 0703 Motor) (Purple)

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1. Description:
Designed for Fans of the Blade Inductrix Series and Tiny Whoop want to setup a 1S or 2S Smallest Brushless Motor Kit 
- Material: Aluminum alloy, Delrin, TPU, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Screws 
- Main size: 66mm Frame, 31mm Propeller Duct, 1.0mm Thick Carbon Frame 
- FC size: 16x16mm Square 
- ESC size: 4in1 16x16mm Square 
- Motor mount: 0603 or 0703 1-2S Racing Brushless Motor 
- Weight (1S): 7.34(g) = 0.260(oz) 
- Weight (2S): 7.47(g) = 0.265(oz) 

2. Package Included: 
1 x Rakonheli AL Carbon 66mm Brushless Whoop Kit (included hardware) 
2 x Rakonheli TPU Battery Mount (1S) (SKU: 3DP006) 
2 x Rakonheli TPU Battery Mount (2S) (SKU: 3DP021).

3. Recommended Setup: 
Flight Controller: 
1 x FuriousFPV Racewhoop Smallest Brushless FC (SKU: FPV-0178-S) 
1 x Fishpepper 5A BB2 48MHz DSHOT600 1-2S 4in1 ESC (SKU: FPV-0252-S) 
Receiver (one of these): 
1 x 0.8g 2.4G DSM2 DSMX Pro Receiver for JR SPEKTRUM Transmitter (SKU: R0.8DSM2X) 
1 x 0.9g 8CH Micro Receiver with SBUS PPM Output Binding Button for FRSKY Transmitter (SKU: R0.9FRSKY) 
1S: 4 x GriffonFPV D0603 12000KV 1-2S Racing Brushless Motor (1.0mm Shaft) (SKU: D0603-12000KV) 
2S: 4 x GriffonFPV D0603 8000KV 1-2S Racing Brushless Motor (1.0mm Shaft) (SKU: D0603-8000KV) 
1 x Rakonheli 31mm 3 Blade Transparent Propeller (2CW+2CCW; 1.0mm Shaft) (SKU: 3PROP3110-T) 
FPV Camera (one of these): 
1 x Blade Helis Inductrix FPV+ 25mW Camera (SKU: BLH9606) 
1 x Blade Helis Inductrix Pro FPV FX805 25mW Camera (SKU: BLH8517) 
FPV Camera Mount: 
1 x Rakonheli TPU Camera Mount-20 Degrees (for BLH9606) (SKU: 3DP027) 
Battery: 1S 205mAh or 1S HV 255mAh.

4. Discuss: 

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