JST Charging Harness Charger Adapter Cable (2PCS)

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This charging harness is designed for LiPo batteries with a JST connector such as the MyLipo 3S 530 mAh 30/60c LiPo Battery, a great battery for the Torrent, which leads a constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possiblely when you charge your batteries. Connect to 4pcs batteries together with JST connectors, and to your charger with 4mm banana plugs. 1 of top-quality 18 AWG silicone wire gives you the flexibility to work in any charging setup. 3S Balancing Harness works great to balance your LiPo's while you charge.


  • Plug: Male 4mm Banana Plug
  • Output Connector: Female JST
  • Wire Type:18 AWG Silicone
  • Length: 13cm


  • 2 * JST Charging Harness
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