0.9g 8CH Micro Receiver with SBUS PPM Output Binding Button for FRSKY Transmitter

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Channel: 8CH
PPM Output: Yes
SBUS Output: Yes
Voltage: 3.5-5V
Current: 25MA@5V
Control range: 500m+
Dimension: 12*17mm
Weight: 0.9g (include antenne)
Length of antenne: 33mm

- Micro receiver, as small as a coin, only 0.9g
- With PPM output,SBUS output and binding button

Binding procedure:
1. Taking X9D transmitter as an example, choose D8 mode, press and hold the Binding button, and supply power to the receiver, green LED keep light.
2. Transmitter chose BIND mode, the green reveiver LED turn off which means bind succeed. tranmsitter quit the BIND mode.
3. Re-supply power to receiver, green LED light keep light which means receiving the signal, LED light blinks fast means no signal or bind fail.

Package included:
1 x FRSKY Receiver. 

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